Can’t Hike? Turn to Music

Just yesterday, my good friend Steve asked me if I would like to go on a dayhike this upcoming Sunday.  Unfortunately, this has been one of those weeks where it seems like I’ve been pulled in every direction at once, constantly doing something but never accomplishing anything.  It feels like I’ve had no time to do something for myself (except write this blog, of course).  I basically have tons of schoolwork, and sadly, it seems that won’t change throughout this weekend.  I have so much work may not be able to make it out hiking, despite the fact that hiking, for me, tends to heal some of the anxieties caused by stress.  Steve is one of my main hiking buddies, and also one of my favorite music buddies, which is how I came up for the concept of this post.

We all have weeks like the one I just described, and even if you can’t make it into the mountains for an overnight or dayhike for some relief, there are other forms of escape for enjoyment and relaxation.  For me, this is music.  I wanted to highlight some of my favorite songs that remind me of the mountains, and give me that mountain feel, even when I can’t make it out.  I hope you enjoy!

Mike Doughty – “Take Me Home (Country Roads)”

This song is a cover of a John Denver tune.  This song particularly reminds me of of Southwest Virginia, where I currently reside.  Nestled into the rolling Blue Ridge Mountains, this song really captures the feel of the south, and the good feeling of the local mountains.

Ray LaMontagne – “For the Summer”

This song isn’t necessarily about mountains, but its feeling reminds me of going up to the cabin in the Catskills of New York.  It’s about a place where you feel “home,” getting back to basics, leaving the hassles of life behind, to just slow down.  I think the mountains are the best place to do just that.

Railroad Earth – “Mountain Time”

Another song about living the slow life.  Living on mountain time, taking the time to slow down and enjoy what’s around you.

Other suggestions from Railroad Earth:  “Colorado,” “Old Man and the Land,”  “Seven Story Mountain,” “Black Bear”

Black Uhuru – “Dreadlocks in the Mountain”

This song might be more abstract than the last three.  However, my obsession with reggae makes it impossible for me to NOT include a reggae song.  What I personally like about this song is its “dark” feel, and the imagery the lyrics suggest.  It’s has a “chase through the woods” kind of feel, babylon chasing the innocent up the mountain.  Might not give you that “hiking” feel, but I cool concept none-the-less.

So, those are my suggestions for when you can’t make it into the mountains.  I hope you have a way to fill the gap in your life when you can’t make it out to hike.  I hope you enjoy the music.  Certainly feel free to comment with other musical suggestions, or other ways you like to get that “mountain feel,” when you find yourself in a situation when you can’t make it out to hike!  Enjoy the tunes, and enjoy the mountains!


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