A Southern Wind Sings Again

That’s right, today, I start my journey back down south.  I love New England, but I do also love the southern Appalachians.  For a while, I’ve been craving to get back to the south.  The southern wind has been singing to me…

This time while I’m in the south, I’ll be doing something a bit different.  For three months, I will be an interpretation ranger intern at Cade’s Cove, in Great Smoky Mountains National Park!  I get to continue my quest to never work inside a day in my life.  Each day, I get to be outside in the beauty of the national park, and for that, I am super excited.  And I get a cool uniform!

What’s interpretation?  Check out my blog post “What We Can Learn About Ourselves Through Environmental Interpretation,” there’s an answer there.

At GSMNP, I’ll be doing guided walks and hikes, education programs with kids, “roving,” and also probably directing a lot of traffic (Cade’s Cove is the most visited place in the entire National Park system).  Whatever is needed, I’m psyched to do.  I just can’t wait to work in the park service, and see anything and everything about how it runs from the inside.

Things I’m looking forward to:

– fall foliage

– black bear sightings (although a bit apprehensive about this one)

– meeting great people within the NPS

– lots of hiking.  Sort of had this crazy idea:  the entire stretch of AT in GSMNP (71 miles) in 2 days.  I don’t know if I can handle it, and it probably wouldn’t be a restful use of my days off in preparation for the next work week.

– working with visitors

– exploring other parts of TN and NC

This internship is a great opportunity to dive into a related field in my career path.  I hope to have some awesome updates for the blog soon.  However, the housing that’s provided doesn’t have internet, so I’ll do my best.

I would love visitors, so if you find yourself in Cade’s Cove between August 31 and November 22, definitely ask for me, I’ll be around somewhere.

In a southern state of mind!

hopefully interp intern is a higher ranking than junior ranger, haha
hopefully interp intern is a higher ranking than junior ranger, haha

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