Leaky Boot Seams? Quick Fix

My boots have been leaking for quite some time now.  I don’t wear the most expensive boots, so the seams on my boots are glued together.  Where the sole and leather meet, there is now a bit of a gap caused by extensive stress and use.  I never really looked up how to properly fix this problem.  I had tried many different household glues to try and seal the seam.  This backfired, as some of the glue made the leather brittle, which eventually cracked with further use.

I recently bought a new tent, a Tarptent Notch, which did not come with the seams pre-sealed.  I bought a product to seam the seals.  That product was GE Silicone II Glue.  I thinned the silicone out with paint thinner, and panted it over the seams sewn into the tent.


The label of this product reads “Waterproof and Airtight,” and “Always Flexible, Sun and Heat Resistant.”  Then it hit me, if it’s flexible and waterproof, it should be able to hold up on a pair of boots.  This time I didn’t thin it out, but applied it straight from the squeeze tube into the gaps and cracks in my boots.

I just tested them out yesterday, stepping purposefully into a stream at the end of my hike and submerging my boots for a few minutes.  No leaks!  Worked perfectly, even after ~12 miles of abuse.  Hopefully it holds up for good.

If you’re in a pinch and looking for a quick fix for leaky boots, try this out!

boots in water
boots in water



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