New Blog Segment: “People In The Outdoors”

Hey everyone!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am here to announce a new and recurring segment to my blog.  It will be called “People In The Outdoors.”  I plan to feature profiles of and interviews with people I think are absolutely killing it in the world of outdoor sports.  Whether professionals, hobbyists, or weekend warriors, these are all people that excel at their abilities in various sports and explorations.  They inspire me each day to take advantage of my free time and this beautiful world to do epic things and improve myself as an outdoors person.  These people make each moment count.  You may have never heard of them, but you definitely should.   Many of these people, I know personally.  Eventually, if this segment takes off, I hope I can reach out to other athletes unknown.  This segment will explore all different sports, athletes, and geographies, and will not be limited to hiking and backpacking.

Expect this to be a monthly installment!

I hope the first post can be this month, June 2015, but it may be July!  Stay posted!


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