Dose of Dopeness: Who Knew Cats Could Hike?


adjective (informal)

– very good, cool, awesome

Confession:  I love pugs.  Forget the haters.  I melt every time I see a pug.  While I don’t think now is the time for me to own a dog, I day dream constantly of having one…I mean, who doesn’t?  While I love pugs, I think common sense would determine that they aren’t very capable hiking companions given their small stature and history of respiratory issues.  However, one time while descending from the rocky summit of Camel’s Hump in Vermont, I spotted a pug making his own ascent.   I immediately said to his owner, “I didn’t think pugs could do that!” He responded, “when we got him, we decided we were going to do everything with him.”  Right before my eyes, I may have seen the ‘nature vs. nurture’ argument in play.  While it’s still likely that most pugs wouldn’t be able to undertake particularly long or strenuous hikes, and other dogs might be more physically equipped, this occurrence shattered my understanding of what pugs are capable of.

I think most people believe dogs are the ideal hiking companion.  What about cats?

In previous conversations I’ve had with people about cats in the outdoors, there seemed to be a sense that they were incapable of hacking it.  “They’re housepets,” they said. “They can’t be trained to walk on a leash,” I also heard.  Well, it turns out that I recently stumbled across a website that shows how some cats, and people, are completely redefining what our feline friends are capable of in the back country (and water)!  From camping and hiking to surfing, it’s pretty cool if I do say so myself.  Take a look for great stories and skills and training techniques!  I’m sure this site will inspire you and give you the knowledge to have your cat along with you on your outdoor adventures.  Hope to see you on trail with your cat!

Check it out!  Adventure Cats: Living Nine Lives to the Fullest

And after you’re done feeding your cat some Fancy Feast, you can use the can and turn it into an alcohol stove for camping and backpacking!  DIY:  Andrew Skurka’s Fancy Feast Alcohol Stove


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