Hikers Who Help – Nick Luchetti and Donnie Kirk – People In the Outdoors, February 2017

Statistics prove that those who begin the Appalachian Trail alone have a higher rate of completion.  But sometimes two heads are better than one, and this power couple consisting of Nick Luchetti and Donnie Kirk are lining themselves up for success!  Attempting the entire Appalachian Trail starting northbound in late February 2017, they’re stoked to […]

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Asian Explorations

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to post much after I wrote about my time in Nepal.  After my trek to Everest, I decided to continue my travels throughout other parts of Asia.  While they were not hiking specific travels, and there’s not much story to this post,  I’d like to share some observations, impressions, and thoughts […]

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Travel Woes

Traveling internationally ain’t easy. It forces you to juggle a number of variables related to itineraries, transportation, visas, important communications, relationships, etc. Recently, I’ve felt like a bit of a circus act.   My initial travel to Nepal and trek into the Himalayas could not have gone smoother. I stepped off the plane on April […]

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Everest:  The Emotions

I remember being very young when my dad first told me about Mt. Everest, the highest mountain on earth. For some reason, in my immature naïveté, I believed this was some secret piece of information kept between me and my father. Little did I know at the time that there had been western surveys of […]

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